Today I posted a video on Instagram of the Putter Buddy. The Putter Buddy is an awesome accessory that was initially designed to be a hooked stake that you put into the ground so you can rest your clubs on it but it can do so much more than that.

The Putter Buddy comes with a nice golf towel and on the paper wrapping on the towel has a QR code on it that will take you to some awesome videos that show you how to use the Putter Buddy as a training aid to stop breaking down in chipping or as an alignment stick if you don’t have one.

The Putter Buddy slides nicely into your bag with the hook hanging over the side of the bag so you can easily find it and pull it out of the bag and have it ready to go if you miss a green and want to keep your grips dry and save your back
!  It also comes in five great colors so you can easily find one to match your bag.  

Dads Say So the Putter Buddy is awesome to not only keep your grips dry but also save your back. And if you use it as a training aid to help with your chipping you are sure to improve. At $19.65 you can’t beat the price for all that the Putter Buddy does. To get yours go to and our friend Roberto will get one out to your right away! With all that the Putter Buddy can do it may be the best deal in golf!

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