One of the goals with is to make golf more fun. With the advances in technology there has been a drastic increase in price. One of the concerns about growing the game is the cost of equipment, training aids and rounds of golf.

TaylorMade Golf has figured out how you can get amazing technology for as low as $30 a month. The program is called “The Turn.” With “The Turn” “you’ll have the most advanced golf club technology every year and a clear advantage over your competition every time you tee it up” as stated in their press release.

When you go to and order your driver, fairway wood or irons you will have the option to finance your new equipment and after 12 months for drivers and 18 months for irons you will be eligible to upgrade to the newest models.  This will keep the newest technology in your hands at all times. 

If the 12 or 18 months has come up and you want to upgrade they send you a shipping label and you send back your club(s) and they ship you a new one. If you want to keep it you have the remaining six months of payments to make and the equipment is yours to keep.

“The Turn” makes the top of the line tour equipment available to each and every one of us so we can play the same equipment you see on TV with the tour players. You just need to make sure you are ordering the right equipment to help you improve your game.  

Dads Say So we are very impressed by this outside the box move by TaylorMade Golf.  This makes golf more affordable to get state of the art technology to help everyone with their game.  Other companies should follow suit to make it more reasonable for people to play golf.  We can tell you that our next driver will come from “The Turn” and yours should too.  For the average player, being able to upgrade every 12 months is a great way to keep a new driver in your hands.  For TaylorMade, this creates brand loyalty to a brand that is cutting edge in the golf equipment market and now cutting edge in how to get that very equipment.  Thank you TaylorMade Golf for making it more affordable and making golf more fun!

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