Everyone of us who plays golf have all been beginners at one point or another we have all questioned how far we hit each club while we were learning. There is now a new training aid our there that can help with that. They are called Distance Clips.

Distance Clips are small nylon clips that attach to the shaft of your clubs that have numbers to represent how far you hit each club. They easily attach and detach from any club and vary in yardage from 40 to 200 yards. They come in a handy plastic pouch that doesn’t take up much space in your bag and makes keeping them together very easy.

The story behind them is really cool. “While at the range with my “Little Brother” from Big Brothers and Big Sisters, we both experienced the challenge of recalling the correct club when he graduated to course play. Having seen professional golfers use tape or note cards to recall each club’s distance, I wanted to come up with a more convenient way to help golfers choose the correct club. This is how Distance Clips® came about!”

Dads Say So that for beginners out there Distance Clips are a necessity. If you are learning to play the game this will help you not have to ask your playing partners “what club should I hit?” From here you have the yardage on your clubs and you can pull the right club and hit the shot. It helps speed up the game and will make it more enjoyable for you as a beginner. It is also an amazing accessory for Junior golf as you can change them out quickly as your junior is getting stronger and hitting it further. Click here to check out our video review of just how good they work. To order yours go to DistanceClips.com or GolfTrainingAids.com

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