Located in the quickly expanding Winter Garden, Florida West Orange Country Club is an older private course that has been around since 1967. However, you have an opportunity to play West Orange, take it. This is a hidden gem golf course in the heart of Central Florida.

The driving range provides the player with a visual experience of the course. It is tree lined and not very wide. There are appropriate flags marking 100, 150, and 200 yards. About the only drawback is players have to hit off a mat while warming up.

There is a large area where players can practice chipping and sand shots. The green in this practice area provides players with a sample of the greens on the course. There are undulations and varying slopes to prepare the player. As far as the actual putting green, the quality of the putting surface is excellent. In comparing the putting green to greens on the course, they are virtually identical. The green is large enough so players aren’t bunched together for a few holes to practice putting.

Once on the golf course, players will be faced with tree lined fairways, small ponds, and a creek that winds through the property.There are 5 sets of tees ranging from the blues (6,452 yards) to the orange (5,272 yards). Tee boxes are well maintained and tee settings appear to be rotated daily. During the time we played this course, we did not see bare or dirt spots in the tee box areas.

While most line of sight from the tee boxes are straight, a few holes require a player to shape a shot around the corner. In one situation, on hole 6, there is a wood carving located on the left side of the fairway in the rough. Don’t worry, however, as a players shot is not affected by the carving. Hole 16 requires a player to place a shot accurately in the fairway in order to have a clear shot to the green. If not, a player may be blocked out from hitting to the green thus wasting a shot to a shortish par 4. Conditions of the fairways can be described as excellent. We did not see bare or dirt spots. Balls sit well on the fairways without a need to roll the ball to get a better lie. Rough is not onerous and allows for a good speed of play. One warning-don’t hit into the woods (Duh!). Trees along the fairways are planted so there is virtually no shot to the green. In many cases, a player has to hit out sideways in order to have a shot at the green.

When hitting to the greens, a player will find receptive surfaces. The Tift Dwarf grass is exceptionally maintained. As with the tee boxes and fairways, we did not observe bare or dirt spots on the green. Even the fringe areas around the greens a well manicured. Some greens are large and place a premium on hitting near the pin. Even pin placements near the front are no bargain. Most greens have a false front so balls short of a front pin location will not roll up onto the green. There are many undulations and valleys that require the player to stroke a good putt or the ball will roll off line.

Dads Say So if you have the opportunity to get out and play West Orange Country Club take it. Even though West Orange is private there are ways you can get out there. If you live in Central Florida and are looking for a club to join you should check out West Orange. The are expanding their membership and you can get in on a great opportunity and join. We will be making some phone calls to get out there again soon.

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