We have all been there. Taking your putter with you when you go to hit a chip shot and you put your putter on the ground only to pick it up and find the grip soaking wet.

Grip Dry has found the solution to curing the wet grip illness. Grip Dry is a disc that looks like everyone’s favorite cartoon character Pac Man. It clips onto you club just below the grip and keeps the grip elevated so it stays dry.

After you hit your shot you can use your wedge to slide under the club and pick up the putter. If you are suffering from back issues this will save you from bending over to pick up your club. Maybe Tiger needs to get one of these for his practice sessions when Joey isn’t around to get him a club.

When grip dry first started they had a smaller version of their newer larger disc. The larger version comes with a ball marker on it so you have it with you to easily find. This is great because if you are looking for a tee gift for a tournament you can get these with your logo on them so people will remember who you are. They can also customize them right on the Grip Dry itself. It also comes in 3 easy to see colors (yellow, white and green)

Dads Say So we highly recommend the Grip Dry. It is a simple device that fits easily in your pocket or attaches to your cart on the course and slides right into your golf bag when your round is over. The larger version (Big Daddy Grip Dry) also saves you the hassle of looking for your ball marker as it is right there for you to easily take off. To order yours go to gripdry.com and get yours now. Your grips (and back) will thank you, and us, later!

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