There are putting training aids out there that will help tour players. There are some training aids out there that can help the first time golfer improve. We have found one that can help anyone get better.

ProPutt is one of the best training aids out there that can help players of any ability. ProPutt is a molded piece of plastic with a screw in the middle for you to adjust to fit you. You spin one side of it out and when it is the right width to fit between your legs just above your knees you clip your alignment stick in place and put it between your legs.

When you putt with this on you can see if your lower body is moving when you putt. The alignment rod being in place and moving allows you to see just how much you are moving when you putt. Click here for our video here showing the benefits of the ProPutt.

After testing this product myself we let a friend, who is a beginner, try it and she got immediate results with better pace and her putts were around the hole (including holing a 40 foot putt two holes later). The visual queues were amazingly helpful in helping her improve.

At $29.99 you can’t pass up the best chance to help you improve your putting. You can order one with an alignment stick (an additional $5) or with out if you already have them in your bag. This is awesome so that you don’t have to buy something you may
not need.

Dads Say So if this may be the best training aid to help anyone improve. Unless you are Tiger Woods when he made every putt he looked at you can benefit from the ProPutt. It can help you become a better putter and lower your scores right away. Practicing in the house with out a ball just keeping your lower body quiet daily will help improve muscle memory that will translate out onto the course. To get your own ProPutt visit or got to and order your own. If you want to improve you need to get your own!

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