All of us struggle at one point or another with putting. It seems as if it is the simplest part of the game but yet we have all struggled a time or two with it.

One of the easiest misses is not being over the golf ball. Sliding inside or outside the ball could be the difference to making or missing putts.

The EyeLine Putting Mirror is here to fix this problem. It allows you to get up over the golf ball and make sure your eyes are centered. Click here for our video review of the EyeLine.

Every PGA Tour player has one of these in their bag to use before they tee off. It is one of the best training aids on the market. It comes in a zipper pouch to carry it in and slides right into your golf bag.

Steve was at Bay Hill and all of the leaders were using it on Sunday afternoon before they teed off to make sure they were in the right spot over the ball.

Dads Say So if you, and we all do, struggle with putting you need to go to and order your very own EyeLine Putting Mirror (or if you click here it will take you right to their EyeLine page). The EyeLine translates very easily from the best PGA Tour player to the beginner who is learning how to putt. The only problem we found with it is when you use it on the green for the first time and you get out on the course you start to wonder where your eyes are.

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