We have all been there, walking out of a hotel, hoping that they don’t miss one of the towels from the room. When you get home it gets draped around your driver, ready to go for your next round.

Hotel Towels no more. MG Golf Towels has found a way for you to match your golf bag, express yourself or just be silly and have an amazing golf towel on your bag.

These towels are a checker board pattern stitched with a waffle weave towel on the back of them. With the unique design these towels have been the talk of the course when we have shown up with them. Everyone from the bag drop attendants, the starter, ranger and the other golfers have all asked about them and for good reason.

If you are ordering one they can now put your logo on the towels as well for that special touch for a tournament, outing or if you have a group of guest who get together annually and want that special touch for your event.

Dads Say So that if you are looking for a new towel for your bag you need to check out MGgolftowels.com. Yes they are a little more expensive than taking one from the hotel but they are defiantly worth it. We have ones that match our bag and look great on them. We think that these are the way of the future and everyone ne
eds to have one on their bag. You can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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