Normally when a player wd’s we tend to pile on (click here for our article on Tiger in Dubai) but this time we feel for Jason Day. He is right “Family First.”

Today, after six holes, Day withdrew from the WGC Dell Match Play citing his moms ongoing battle with cancer that none of us knew about. She has been given a year to live by a doctor in Australia due to lung cancer.

For those of you who don’t know Day’s back story, his father passed away from cancer when he was 12 so he knows all too well what watching someone suffer through this wretched disease looks like.

For Day to have shown up at any event this year is amazing. He has flown his mother to his home in Ohio to get treatment. That is great that he has the ability to do that for better treatment.

We get him showing up this week as the defending champion to fulfill his obligations but lets be real would anyone have given him a hard time had he not? None of us think so.

Its amazing that he was in Orlando last week at Bay Hill or has played anywhere this year and not been with his mom every step along the way. To be able to focus to participate at that level with everything going on is amazing.

Dads Say So that if Jason Day were to take the rest of the year off we would totally understand. Showing up at any event this year has shown just how strong he really is. Thank you for showing everyone how human you are! Jason if you stay home we don’t blame you. If you come out we will cheer you the whole way. You’re our pick every week now to get a “W”.

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