Our friends at Topgolf are back at it again. This time making a major announcement in how they’re are going to grow the game with Topgolf Junior PLAY.  It is part of the partnership with the PGA and LPGA Tours.  

We all know that the future of golf lies completely in junior involvement so that we can leave the game in good hands going forward. Topgolf announced it is now offering free game play for charitable organizations committed to youth leadership and mentorship, in addition to any high school golf team.

As part of its Topgolf for Good program, Topgolf announced at the Junior PLAY events that it will now offer free game play to any charitable organization whose purpose is aligned with youth leadership, mentorship and empowerment. Free game play is now available at any Topgolf location in the U.S. Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Play sessions must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance and are subject to availability. Sessions can be requested at Topgolf.com/giving

“You don’t have to play an 18-hole course to enjoy golf,” said Topgolf Entertainment Group Co-Chairman and CEO Erik Anderson. “Topgolf is always thinking of how we can help get clubs in the hands of new players, prepare them to transition to green grass and inspire them to enjoy golf in all of its forms, whether that’s on TV, a mobile app or a PGA TOUR event. Part of reaching the next generation of golfers means making the sport fun and accessible to everyone.” 

This is great for young golfers. When we were kids we didn’t have anything like this and now taking something as awesome as Topgolf and partnering with the PGA and LPGA Tours they have created something that our kids will be using here in Orlando for years to come.  

Dads Say So that we want thank Topgolf, The Junior PLAY program is amazing for growing the game and they have figured out how to keep golf fun.  Topgolf is growing and it is great to see.  If you have a Topgolf near you, find out how you can get your children involved in a Junior PLAY program.  We are excited about having our children participate in Topgolf Junior PLAY and see them grow, hopefully becoming better golfers than we are!    

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