Earlier this month, Matt had to go to Clearwater Beach on task force for his full time job. In between the numerous 12+ hour workdays he somehow managed to find time to dust off the sticks and tee it up. His search for a reasonable priced, early morning tee time led him to Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Club.

Not knowing what to expect, Matt pulled in the parking lot of what looks more like a school than a golf course. As he made his way to the pro shop he notices that the buildings all have Mr. Rodriguez’s name adorned on them. If you know what the golfing dads stand for then you know our mission is to grow the game of golf. This facility nails this on the head. On one end of the parking lot stands the Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy where students are in a classroom during school hours and then spend the afternoon learning the game of golf in a relaxed atmosphere on a great course.

Upon further digging, Matt was able to find out that this facility also works directly with The First Tee Clearwater on the weekends. They work along side the Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation. Talk about growing the game!!

Now, back to the course review. The course is a bit on the short side at just over 5300 yards from the tips. Don’t be fooled by the distance as the greens are on the small side with bunkers guarding almost every approach shot. As far as the green speed is concerned, they are definitely on the slower side.

The Dads So Say that this place is doing it right! The course is perfect for golfers of all ability but especially junior golfers. If you are ever in town and want to experience this fantastic facility please drop in, you never know you may run into the World Golf HOF inductee giving lessons on the range.

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