Last week I came home to two large boxes from OGIO and they had two great golf bags in them for us to test. They sent us the Cirrus and Silencer Cart Bags!

We need to really begin this post by saying that The Golfing Dads use stand bags. We realize that as our kids get older we will be utilizing carts more often as the little one will get tired sooner. So when OGIO wanted us to test their bags we jumped at the opportunity.  We both had options to get stand and staff bags and we still have our stand bags as they are so much easier to carry back and forth from the parking lot and they take up less space in a car on a road trip.

The Cirrus Cart bag was the first bag we tested. The first thing we noticed about this bag was how light it was when we pulled it out of the box (4.8 pounds). The bag has 15 club compartments so you have an extra one for your alignment sticks or golf ball retriever.

The bag has nine pockets that are easily accessible when the bag is on a cart as well as an umbrella holder. The pockets are all large enough for everything you need to put in your bag and there is a fur lined one for your valuables and also a section for your work leash aka your cell phone. There are enough pockets that we had one just for our beef jerky and sunflower seeds.

There is an area right by the handle for you to stick your glove on for easy access in a round. This a cool addition to the bag so during your round so you don’t have to stuff the glove in your pocket.

The only thing that this bag is missing is a insulated pocket for us to put our sports drinks or “water bottle.” I guess if your riding in a cart you generally have a cooler on it so it makes it understandable why the insulated pouch isn’t there.

The second bag they sent us was their top of the line Silencer Cart Bag. This is the Mac Daddy of all Cart Bags. The Silencer name come from the bags design that virtually eliminates all club chatter and makes your bag quiet when riding over bumps or just moving in the cart. This is done by their unique rubber shaft holders on the top of the bag and the compression fit bottom of the bag that holds the grip in place so the club doesn’t move at all. This is awesome if you have ever been in the middle of your swing and all of a sudden you hear “click, click, click” and OGIO has figured out how to never make that happen again.

The bag has eight pockets one of which is an insulated pocket to keep your sports drink or “water bottle” cold. There is the fur lined pocket for your valuables and the bag also has the area to attach your glove to the bag in between shots.

This bag may be the greatest bag we have ever seen designed. The Silencer technology is amazing and there is plenty of room for anything you could imagine to put in a bag (including the Jerky and Sunflower Seeds). This bag is the future of the game.

Dads Say So that cart bags are bulky. But you only carry it from the car to the cart and then again from the cart back to the car. If your looking for a cart bag and not getting an OGIO bag you need to really take a second look at what you are about to do. OGIO makes the best bags out there and they have the best technology that other companies need to follow suit in making advances in their bag designs. You can go to to get your bag or go to your local golf shop and find yours there. We have to say that when we are looking for a new bag we will be looking first at OGIO for our next bag, we just want one with our logo on it so everyone will know that The Golfing Dads are there!

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