Were not usually one to think that losing an hour of sleep is a good thing. We love to get our sleep and on occasion been known to take a nap or two.

As we Spring A Head we think that this is great for us golfing dads. Now we can leave work at 5pm and get at least an emergency nine holes in before going home.

When Steve was growing up in Massachusetts he played a lot of Friday night rounds at 5pm with his dad and grandfather. Those are great memories for him and it really taught him how to play the game.

Dads Say So now that we have more time to play we need to take advantage of it and get out and play. You can work a full day and still play at least 9 holes before the sun sets. We don’t like it when you have to set the clocks back and can’t play until 7pm. We all need to get out and take advantage of this and get our practice in so were ready for our weekend money matches.  So get out there and play that Emergency Nine after work!  We will see you out there!

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