So normally we don’t like to start a title with a hashtag but this was something pretty special. We were invited to check out Topgolf Crush at Camping World Stadium this weekend and have to tell you that it is a great kick off and teaser to Topgolf coming to Orlando.

Topgolf Crush is an event that Topgolf does leading up to the opening of a new property. It takes place in a local sports stadium and they set up their targets and all of their technology and allow the average person to come out and enjoy playing golf in the stadium.

Topgolf Orlando is slated to open this fall here and with a little bit of luck we will have an opportunity to cover the opening and share that experience with all of you. If you have a Topgolf near you and have not attended we are wondering why not. Go to to find the location nearest to you!  It is a great way to have a fun night out and our wives are even excited about going and trying it out and they don’t play golf.

At Topgolf Crush they have set up targets just like in the regular Topgolf experience but they range from 40 to 150 yards out. The golf balls for Topgolf Crush have proprietary technology in them which is different than the ones they use at the full Topgolf locations and it works awesome! You can hit a ball and watch it in the air and then turn around and watch it with their Toptracer Range tracking system and see where it lands. If you watch golf on The Golf Channel it is the same technology they use for tournaments! If you make a “hole in one” on any of the flags there are smoke effects that go off. While we were there, no one made an ace so we didn’t get to see it but it wasn’t for lacking of trying from everyone in attendance.

There was a DJ who added some music for the event and they had bars open for you to have a drink and enjoy the evening. There were a few people around playing all trying to make the “firework” effect go off on various targets.

Dads Say So that our goal is to make golf fun and Topgolf has figured it out. If you have one in your area and have not gone you need to make time and go. If you have one coming to your area and they are going to do a Topgolf Crush event to get you excited for it you need to attend. They are awesome. We are looking forward to posting more blog posts, and social media pictures and videos after they open here because we have a feeling that we will be spending a lot of time there. This is a great way to grow the game and have fun all at once. We love the idea of hitting golf balls in a stadium. As golfers and avid sport fans we have all been in a stadium and thought about how much fun it would be. Topgolf Crush gives you that opportunity and so much more. We hope everyone in Orlando gets a chance this weekend to check it out. It is only the beginning of the fun we are about to get here!  To get your tickets just click here and you can order yours for this weekend!

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