So Matt and Steve have some friends in Canada who happen to own a custom head cover company called Dormie Workshop. From their inception they have made custom products for everyone from the normal people all the way to the hockey player known as “The Great One.”

Todd and Jeff Bishop are Class A teaching pros who have taken their love to another level. In allowing you to create your own design and then add it to your bag. They also do some creative things in order to get everyone involved in trying to create amazing stuff in getting their social media followers to participate in the contests.

In creating your head cover you not only have a choice in what it looks like on the outside but also what liner you want to add on the inside so you can be really creative. This gives you ultimate control of what your cover looks like outside and in.

If you go to there are standard head covers you can purchase but there is also a custom part that allows you 100% control of what you are looking for. This is great if you ask Steve because he has hybrid head covers with his kids names on them and a putter cover that says #1 Dad that his wife got him for Christmas this year from his kids. It may also be in a certain font that his favorite baseball team uses for their logo.

This year Dormie was the top ranked head cover at the PGA Show according to Golf Digest. They were also a top 10 product at the show out of over 1000 companies. On top of that they were featured in the Golf Digest Hot List for 2017 with a head cover they did for Grant Fuhr the former Oilers Goalie.

If you are having a bachelor party and want to do something for your groomsmen, are having a work outing and are looking for awards, or like Steve, have some made with your kids names on them they can do it all for you.  There are no minimum orders.  You can take a sketch you put on a bar napkin and turn it into the cover on your driver
in less than 2 weeks!  

Dads Say So that if you are looking for a really personalized head cover to add to your bag this is the place to go. o They can do almost anything you want and make they make a great addition to your golf bag.  Steve’s dad even has one on his bag that contains all 3 of his grandson’s names on it and its his favorite thing in or on his bag.  If you are looking for a head cover or an amazing gift you need to check our you will not be disappointed with the product you receive and how awesome they are. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates on their new head covers as well as any other updates they want to share.  

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