We have all been there. Reaching into the cart and all of a sudden your range finder isn’t where you thought you left it. Then you turn around and find it in the basket in the back of the cart and your heart rate finally slows down and you feel the sigh of relief.

That isn’t the greatest feeling in the world so we have the solution for you. Its a GPS Quick Clip. It is an injected molded piece of plastic with a magnet or two on the back of it that attaches to the frame of your golf cart. There is an adapter that screws or adheres to your rangefinder. You slide it on and you know right where it is at all times.

Steve actually found out about this playing in the Florida Open Qualifier and his playing partner had one for his range finder on the cart. After that he told his wife that he needed one and she got him one for Christmas that year. Since then Steve got his dad one for Christmas after he finally bought a range finder.

There are multiple models of GPS Quick Clips out there that have different magnet strengths.  All of them will fit any range finder.  We use the Bushnell V3 with Jolt range finder and ordered the stronger than necessary GPS Quick Clip just for reassurance that it wouldn’t fall off.  It is the middle size model and works great.

They come in multiple colors and they fit all range finder and hand held GPS systems out there.  So now you have no excuse if you own any measuring device.  It works great on all of them.  In 2010 it was the Best New Product at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.  

Dads Say So that we understand that everyone doesn’t ride in a cart but there are other products out there that if you walk you can benefit from and we will review one of those in the coming weeks.  This is the best device on the market if you are looking for a mount for your range finder so you don’t lose it in the cart or have it fall out of the cart.   People may think that this is for lazy golfer but we think it’s ingenious.   Were upset Mike came up with the idea and not us as this is an amazing accessory that everyone should own.  If you need to order yours go to GPSQuickClip.com and get yours now.  You can find a local retailer or order one directly there.  At only $34.95 its a great investment for your golfing accessories.  

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