As golfers, we all like accessories. TheGolfingDads wives laugh at us for all of the stuff that we get to add to our golf bags. One of those things are head covers. Now we have a few different head covers on our bags but a few of them come from Ace of Clubs Golf Company.

Ace of Clubs is a company out of Seattle, WA. They specialize in quality leather products that look awesome but don’t have the expensive price tag normally associated with the look.  

They have many different animal patterns such as alligator, ostrich, and snake to name a few all put on head covers, yardage book/score card holders, belts, cash covers, grips and valuable pouches. All of them are of great quality and can even be customized with engraving and paint fill to make them unique just for you.

Steve has all of his belts, driver and 3-wood head covers, yardage book cover (personalized with his boys names on it) and a valuables pouch all from Ace of Clubs. A couple of them were gifts from his wife for different occasions so if your thinking about getting someone a great gift or you need to drop some hints for your significant other this is a great choice.

All of the items come in different colors so if your looking to have something match your bag or shoes you can do that, but if you want it to stand out and pop that can happen as well.  

The head covers have a fur like lining in them which not only protects the club but allows the covers to easily slip on and off the club.  The yardage book covers have bands to hold the yardage book in place as well as easily move and hold the last page out of the way so when you open it up you can go right to the hole you are on.  The valuables pouch has a quick draw string so you can tighten it and put it back in your bag and nothing will fall out.  With all of the color combinations you have to chose from with the belts you can really make a statement.  Steve’s favorite is his black and white alligator.  It looks great. 

Dads Say So that if you are in the market to upgrade your head covers, need a belt or are getting ready for a tournament and want a yardage book cover you NEED to go to and order what your looking for from Daniel. He is awesome and when you order something you get a hand written note thanking you for your purchase. Its a great touch. Also his site has reviews of the products on it so if you don’t believe us just go there and see what others are saying.  They all agree with TheGolfingDads that it is the way to go. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with more images of their products.  

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