We have all seen the scene in Tin Cup where Roy McAvoy is trying to get over the shanks and has every training aid imaginable on trying to fix his game to get ready for the US Open. Today, all he, or you, would have to do is go to GolfTrainingAids.com to get any training aid imaginable to help your game get better.

If you remember back to our second post ever on here we reviewed the 5footer. One of the greatest putting training aids every made.  We still use to practice our putting in between rounds. At the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show, we met with Product Development Manager, Dane Wiren and Social Media Director, Brad Lieberman. They gave us the 5footer along with a couple more training aids that we will soon be reviewing in future postings.

This is your one-stop shop for all your golf training needs and accessories, including both adult and junior products. The ordering process is can’t be any easier! Simply log onto the site, choose what you’re looking for and place your order. They are also very well known for shipping globally. Don’t forget that they have fans all around the world!

The functionality of their website, GolfTrainingAids.com, is very a very simple site to navigate through. You can choose your product based upon the categories, such as: Full Swing, Putting and Fitness. The team works very closely with Dr. Gary Wiren, a man who needs no introduction. Being recognized by the PGA as a Master Teaching Professional and Sr. Golf Director for all of Trump properties, Gary works with both Dane and Brad on product shoots and gives his feedback on new training aids.

Be sure to connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! They constantly update golf pro’s, retailers and consumers with the latest and greatest training aids! You can go behind-the-scenes with them and see their day-to-day in action.

Be sure to go to our Instagram account and look for upcoming videos with training aids provided by GolfTrainingAids.com We are all very excited for this new partnership! It’s going to be a great year!


Dads Say So that if your looking for a training aid to help with your game you NEED to got to GolfTrainingAids.com. They can help the beginner all the way up to, wait for it…..Tiger…find their game.  We can all use some help in getting better with one part of our game so if you need to improve check out GolfTrainingAids.com and find something to help make your game better.  You will not be disappointed and you can thank us later when you are opening your wallet to put money in it and not give any money away from your weekly bet.  It will also help you stop hitting chili peppers up Lee Janzen’s you know what.  

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