Today,  TaylorMade will be releasing their newest version of their tour model golf ball. We have played them and were here to fill you in as to which one is best for you.

We first tested the TP5x ball. This ball is crazy long off the tee. It stays in the air and cuts through the wind like no other ball on the market. Also, it was great when hitting approach shots into the greens and held the green with ease. With that being said you are giving up a lot around the greens. We found it to be very unresponsive when trying to chip. Even when you nipped one just right it would just roll out with no grab at all.  

On the first hole we played we had a 9 iron into the green and when when got there there was a scuff mark on the golf ball from one swing.  This was a little disappointing to say the least.

The TP5 ball has a much softer feeling to it.  It doesn’t fly as far but you are not giving up a lot of distance.  It has a lot more control than the TP5x.  It feels great on the club face no matter what iron you are hitting.

 Around the green there is a lot more control.  The ball would grab much easier.  Full shots were not problem and the ball flew true even in the wind.  It was easy to figure out yardages and know how the ball was going to react.  

We saw the same scuffing after one swing, this time with a lob wedge, that we saw on the TP5x which is very disappointing to say the least.  With the way balls are made now you really don’t expect that unless you get some road rash off of a cart path.  

Dads Say So that we really liked the TP5 for our games.  If you need the added distance in the TP5x it will help you with that, just understand you will be giving up some feel around the greens so you will be hitting a lot of bump and runs.  TaylorMade has done a great job in the tour ball line.  We recommend that you try them out and put them into play.  You can now find them at your nearest golf retailer.     

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