Now that we have your attention for the DUMBEST thing that could ever be said, we need to tell you a story about a funny incident that we were involved in before Jordan won The Masters.  Anyone that knows us is in on the joke as well.

In March of 2015 we went to practice after work one day as the brains behind this blog, our wives, were picking up the kids from daycare. We went to Orange County National, you may have heard of it, and spent about an hour and a half on the range and then played a few holes on The Tooth course.

After practicing, we headed into the 19th hole for a beverage. While sitting at the bar there was a conversation going on by some other golfers that we listened to. One guy was asking another guy who he thought was going to win The Masters.

The individual answering the questions started by saying that a European was going to win, probably Rory. He said that the American players were not good enough to win The Masters.

The gentleman asking the questions started with names of players who he thought could win. He asked about Phil, Jason Day, Bubba, and then he got to Jordan Spieth.

The individual answering the questions states, “Jordan Spieth just isn’t that good. He will never win The Masters.”

It was at this point where we looked at each other and felt that we needed to go and put all of our life savings on Jordan to win The Masters. Fortunately, or unfortunately, our wives talked us out of placing such a bet.

That weekend Jordan went on to win the Valspar Championship in Tampa and as we all know ventured down Magnolia Lane the first week in April and when he left the Green Jacket was with him getting on the UnderArmour Jet as he headed to complete the talk show circuit.

If you are reading this, and you are the person who said such dumb things, please put your golf clubs in your car, take them to the nearest dump because you don’t deserve to use them ever again. Oh yeah, and thank you for allowing us the entertainment on this story for the last 2 years and many more to come.

As far as a Dads Say So for this, we really wish we had gotten said individuals name and phone number. We would really love to have a follow up conversation with him and maybe serve him some crow. That day, the beverages were two for one. I think he owes us at least a round or two.

(Thank you to Golfweek for posting this picture and article on social media, it made our story today almost write itself).


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