Many of you have seen our video post from last night where Matt “laid up” on a 111 yard par 3. We got a chance to play a par 3 course under the lights.

For the low handicap golfer you are probably thinking that this is a boring round of golf for you. Well you may want to re think this process.

When you have families you need to take advantage of every chance you get to play. Sometimes that may be after work and after the sun goes down.

We live in Central Florida and there used to be 2 such courses here. Unfortunately one of them found the same fate of many other courses around the country, closing their doors due to the downturn in the golf business.

These par 3 courses are also a great way to introduce children to the game. The Golfing Dads are already planning to introduce our children there because its not overly long and we want them to enjoy playing golf from the beginning not scare them off that they don’t want to come back.

In Asia they are building full 18 hole championship courses with lights on them so that people get a chance to play. Part of the reason there is the demand to play and lack of land, something we don’t have much of a problem with in America.

The Dads Say So on playing par 3 courses under the lights is that its a great way to get out and play when life gets in the way of playing during the day. Besides you may run into Ty Webb out there practicing for his match against Judge Smails and Dr. Beeper.

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