We have all walked up to our ball on the putting green and felt like we were doing more yard work on pitch marks in our lines than we do in our own yard. Eventually if they go unfixed the marks will ruin the green with grass turning brown around the mark. Usually, these un-repaired marks are right in the middle of our putts. Some of this “oversight” comes from not knowing how to properly repair a ball mark. Another reason is people just don’t care and figure the next person can repair their mark. Many people who don’t repair ball marks complain about poor green conditions during and after the round their round. We have a solution!

At the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando we got the PitchFix Fusion 2.5. This tool uses 3-prongs with what looks like little arrow heads at the end of each prong. For anyone who has even seen “Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” you have seen a scarecrow with a pitch fork and this is the idea behind the PitchFix Fusion 2.5.

Unlike traditional ball repair tools using 2 prongs, this tool folds itself into a 3″ rubberized handle to protect the golfer from the prongs tearing pant pockets or golf bag. Another plus to this tool is a 1″ ball marker magnetically attached to the divot tool. A player can mark their ball and repair the divot at the same time. The final design also has a pencil sharpener, so there is finally a way to sharpen the pencil in your cart! If you go to PitchFix.com you can see all of the color combinations and see just how it can be personalized if you are hosting an event.

To use the tool just take the prongs into the middle of the picth mark and pull up. If the greens are firmer you may only need to pull one time. The softer the greens we have found you need to repeat the process a couple times. Once the grass is pulled up, tapping (Just Tap it in…tap, tap, tap it in) the divot mark with the bottom of the putter smooths the green out.

In several instances of testing, after a divot mark was repaired using Pitch Fix, a mark on the green couldn’t be seen several minutes after the repair. The biggest benefit here is the roots of the grass are not destroyed like what is done with a traditional ball repair tool.

Dads Say So that this tool is a plus for all golfers. The divot repair tool allows for improved green repair and is easy to use. We encourage golfers to buy this tool as soon as possible and make playing conditions better for their fellow golfers. The Superintendent will thank you too. If you go to Pitchfix.com you can find your nearest location where you can purchase your own.

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