So the majority of us have never played or will ever get to play the Holy Grail known as Augusta National Golf Club. There is one person out there who has and decided to post about it and we have the picture to prove it.

So this buffoon decided to rate it one star and say that it is a “dump.” Were going to assume that this individual also likes going to Long John Silvers and saying its the best seafood restaurant in the world and giving it five stars.

Augusta is the number 2 golf course in the world for a reason. Let’s be honest, sure we would all love to play Pine Valley, but given the chance for bragging rights with your buddies, or the guys at the 19th hole we think that Augusta has bigger bragging rights and even the non-golfers would be impressed.

We wonder how many people read this and had Judge Smails reaction when Al Czervik called Bushwood a dump, “Bushwood? A dump?” I guess he will never be a member at Augusta either.

Dads Say So that if any of you know who the idiot is that put this post up, please let us know so that we can ban him from our site. Anyone who speaks of Augusta National in this tone doesn’t deserve to improve or enjoy the humor that TheGolfingDads know that all of you enjoy.

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