Everyone had been patiently awaiting yesterday, and then today, at 2pm EST for Tiger Woods’ press conference for answers about his back and to see when that next start was going to be. We were waiting so that we could give you, our readers, an update about the same thing.

Well like the rest of you we are going to have to keep waiting. Tiger canceled his press conference due to “doctors orders.” We didn’t know that the same doctors note you needed to get excused from work when you had the flu was the same one that could get you out of sitting in a chair for 30 minutes talking about this weeks tournament as the host and talking about how it will benefit the children in your learning centers. Not to mention it is the first time that Riviera is hosting with you as the unofficial host of the event.

Oh wait, we get it. The media is going to ask you tough questions about your back that you don’t want to answer so you get Mark to craft some statement and send it out early when no one covering the event on the West Coast is awake saying “Tiger is having trouble getting the spasms to calm down” and he is being “precautionary.”

Okay so your doctors will allow you to sit in your private jet and fly from Jupiter to Los Angeles, a 6 hour flight, but 30 minutes in a chair is too much and your getting hourly treatments? Kobe sat on the bench and cheered on his teammates with them and those chairs are not that comfortable.

This week ESPN questioned if Tiger was being honest with us about his back, because really when was the last time Tiger was honest about any injury. He won the US Open on a “bad leg.” Better yet the secretive back procedures that have taken place that we have found out about after the fact (committing to the Napa event and then withdrawing because you had another procedure done).

If you remember our post on February 3, we questioned if Tiger was closer to joining Jack and Gary as honorary starters at the Masters. We think that with this news today the 2017 Masters is in jeopardy and this could be the end of Tiger’s playing days.

Dads Say So that we all need to think about the events we saw Tiger play in and win because we witnessed something special that we are going to be able to tell our children and grand children about. Now we sit and wait for answers to questions we all have.

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