Okay so here’s the deal. Matt and Steve have started this blog and gotten a lot of feedback from people that they really enjoy reading the blog.

Yes, we are posting real reviews of products, opinions of golf news and coming soon golf course reviews but we also want people to laugh along the way. We hope that you do take our posts seriously as we are here to help you improve and enjoy golf but, understand that we are going to add humor wherever possible for everyone’s enjoyment.

Golf is a game! It is meant to be fun. Sure both of us took the game very serious, but when we did we practiced 4 days a week and played 2 on slow weeks. Now were lucky if we play twice a month.

We hope that you not only are informed on our blog but also laugh along the way. We do take the idea of giving a real review of products serious, but we do want you to understand that in playing this game its okay to laugh not only at us but yourself as well.

Tour Players hit shanks just like the rest of us, just ask Ian Poulter from Dubai or Webb Simpson in the Ryder Cup. Enjoy us helping you improve and hopefully you will be able to laugh too next time you blade a bunker shot.

Please let us know if there is something that you want help with along the way. We have both received a lot of help in our quests and like to pass our knowledge on to your, our readers.

Other blogs out there may give you a lot of data, we are going to give you the facts about things in a very understanding way that can help you and make it easier to understand than a bunch of numbers. We won’t talk spin rate, smash factor or better yet break down Tiger’s back spasms. We will talk about things that will help you and make all of us laugh (okay if Tiger’s back is causing him to withdraw or retire we may have to talk about it then).

So to quote Sargent Hulka in Stripes “Lighten up, Francis” and enjoy the blog. You may learn something, with humor, along the way.

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