So you may not know who Tony Aarts from Fort Myers, FL is, but he has taken over as the newest version of Crocodile Dundee this week. On February 8, Tony and some friends were playing golf at Magnolia Landing Golf & Country Club when the unthinkable actually happened, Tony was attacked by a 10 FOOT ALLIGATOR.

Now for those of you who saw this and said that they would never play golf or let anyone they know play golf in Florida please don’t over react. There are thousands if not millions of alligators on golf courses all over the south and having lived in this state since 1994 we have seen our share and never seen anything like this.

Now Tony didn’t have a knife on him like Mick Dundee did (OK for those of you who have seen the movie we know you are thinking, “That’t not a knife, this is a knife”) but he did have his trusty Cleveland Golf Putter. I know that most of you are saying, how did Tony save his butt with his putter, but if you hit an alligator in the eye he will let go of what ever it is he is holding on to.

Now Tony is going to be OK as he went to the hospital and got bandaged up. The alligator on the other hand has seen his last day on this earth. At 10 feet were thinking about a couple belts, a wallet or a nice pair of golf shoes with him.

“Dads Say So” that Tony sure is lucky to be alive. You need to respect alligators. We have both been spooked by them. They are to be respected from a distance that is safe. We also think that Cleveland Golf may owe Tony a new putter so that he can put that life saving one up on his mantle. Heck they may owe him a whole new set for when he can get back out there and chase that little white ball around again. They may have THE great advertisement accident in the history of ever!

Click Here for the link to the story.  We hope you enjoy it.

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