So Jordan Spieth is in hot water…and it isn’t with the press, his fans, or for hitting a fire hydrant and getting his teeth…or back window broken with a nine iron. Its for not signing autographs for people who are going to make money selling what ever it is he signs.

If you have ever been to a PGA Tour Event; MLB, NBA, NFL, or NHL game; or any other sporting event where there are kids lined up to meet their favorite player and there is a guy that is just a little too old to want the autograph for his collection and has a back pack with stacks of memorabilia knowing that the only thing he is going to keep is someone else’s money for buying what he is getting signed.

We are two guys who had aspirations of getting on tour. We have played in numerous qualifiers and mini tour events and can tell you we have never had the opportunity to even have anyone ask us for our autograph on anything other than a credit card receipt, but we agree that there is a line in the sand on who you would and wouldn’t sign autographs for.

We also agree that these hounds are a little out of line in using curse words or comparing Jordan to Tiger when addressing addressing the fact that he wont sign. They are out there trying to make money off of him but yet they treat him like this? No way.

Steve was lucky enough to go to Super Bowl 47 in New Orleans (yes the game the lights went out) and was a guest of the NFL that week. At the NFL experience he was lucky enough to meet multiple players and has a football signed by them, including Barry Sanders, that is sitting next to the TV in his living room (his wife doesn’t think its a house decoration but for some reason Steve has won and it is still there). If people are looking at getting a signature for personal reasons that is one thing but to make money off of it and treat Jordan this way they don’t deserve anyone’s time.

Athletes sign plenty of stuff for charities, sponsors, and tournaments that people have access to. Jordan is right that these guys need to find jobs and stop making money of what he has done. So don’t criticize him for this. He has worked hard to get to the position he is in they are just gravy training his success in order to make a financial gain that they don’t deserve.

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