TheGolfingDads look forward to the Ryder Cup every 2 years more than any event on the calendar. It is one of the most talked about events every even numbered year and we both love to cheer on the red, white and blue.

Today Captain Furyk announced some changes to the selection process. Lets start with the time line. First the 8 guaranteed spots are going to be secured at the PGA Championship on August 12, 2018. The next pick will come after the Dell Technologies Championship, the second stop on the FedEx Cup playoffs and that will be for 3 choices. The final pick will be made after the BMW Championship the week before the Tour Championship. We will get into our opinion a little later.

Next there has been an adjustment to how the points are awarded in the majors in 2018. Previously the points were doubled for the majors in the year of a Ryder Cup. In a normal tour event the players get one point for every $1000 they earn. The Majors they received two points for every $1000 earned. The winner will still get double points but those other players will now get 1.5 points for every $1000 earned.

So here is the “Dads Say So.” First, we understand that there are things that need to take place when you are traveling over seas, but for Capt. Furyk to say that they are doing this for passport reasons, that’s a lame excuse. You should not be a professional golfer who doesn’t have a passport with all of the world travel that they do. If your in contention for a Ryder Cup spot you are exempt into the British Open, don’t you need a passport to get there? We thought the idea was to get the hottest player at the time, not worry about if someone has a passport that they all should have. Second the points idea is actually a good one. We actually think that they should double points for every winner in 2018 to put and emphasis on winning tournaments. To quote Herman Edwards “You play to win the game!”

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