At the PGA Merchandise Show there was a lot of new technology in divot tools. We know what you are now thinking…how do you add technology to a divot tool.

INSTAGOLF has figured it out with their Spider Divot Tool. This may be a course superintendent’s dream. Instead of taking a tee or older divot tool and pushing it in to the ground and pulling up on your pitch mark, destroying the root base of the grass all you do is put the Spider into the middle of the pitch mark at and angle and pull up.

We have used this on some soft greens here in Central Florida and we had to pull up about 4 times and then take our putter and tap down the mark level and were good to go.

The Spider is the size of a tube of chap stick and fits nicely in your pocket. We will tell you at first sight you would think it would feel weird in your pocket if you were used to having a thin divot tool in your pocket but we never knew it was there. It has four “spider leg” prongs that come out of it that grab the dirt and pull it up. There is a cover that goes over the prongs that easily comes on and off so you don’t get poked in the leg while its in your pocket.

“Dads Say So” that this is an easy device to use and it keeps the greens in great shape so this is an all around win for the user and course conditions for future play so we do think it is a great idea to change out your lucky divot tool and use one with better technology. This is like going from a persimmon driver to a new M1.

To get yours go to and order one.  If you put in the code THEGOLFINGDADS20 at check out you will receive 20% off your Spider Divot Tool.  This is one spider you wont mind picking up!

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