“So what? So Lets Dance!” The infamous quote from Al Czervik when he turns on Journey in the middle of the first fairway at Bushwood Country Club started the movement to bring music to the golf course.

With the advances in Bluetooth technology there are many options out there for the golfer to chose from when deciding on the right speaker to use on the golf course. With that being said there are a few categories that are a necessity when making that selection. First, sound quality. Second, battery life. Third, durability. Last, but not least, price.

The Oontz Angle 3 Speaker by Cambridge SoundWorks actually fits into all of these categories very nicely. Lets start with sound. T
his small speaker has a great sound that is very clear. There was no distortion and it sounds great, even as you raise the sound level. A fully charged battery will last for 12 hours so going 36 holes with this will not be a problem at all. It does take 5 to 6 hours to fully charge from a low battery so if you have played 36 holes and are going back tomorrow for another 36 more you can charge it over night and it will be ready to go. The speaker is water proof and has a very sturdy construction (it fell out of our cart and didn’t miss a beat). As far as the price goes, you cant beat it. You can buy it online on their website, theoontz.com for $27.99.

The speaker is a great size in that it fits nicely in a cup holder in the cart or you can rest it against the windshield in the middle of the cart as it has 2 rubber strips on the bottom that keep it from sliding around (unless you take a sharp curve too fast). It also comes with a nice carrying case that will attach to your bag.

Now for the bad news. The cover for the charging area is difficult to open (I had to use a knife to slide it open) which is good for the waterproof aspect of it but it is a little harder to open than others. The other issues we have found with it is that the speaker has a slip on the carrying case but that is very thick and will distort the sound so if you walk there really isn’t a way to use it.

“Dads Say So”that if you are looking to have more fun on the golf course this is one way that you can do it. If you ride in a cart all the time based on the price and quality of the speaker you can’t go wrong and you should go to
now and order yours now. If you walk a lot this isn’t the speaker for you and you need to look for another one. Either way we suggest getting one and becoming the “menace” that Judge Smails was screaming about

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