If you follow us on twitter @thegolfingdads (if you don’t,follow us now) then you know that Matt has been participating in the 1st MSOP. What is that you ask? It stands for Major Series Of Putting. That’s right, it’s all about how well you can roll the rock. After all, that is the easiest part, right? If you are struggling with your putting head over to www.golftrainingaids.com to find the perfect aid to help you out.

Now back to the competition and why we think you should play.
1. It’s super fun!
2. It’s cheap to participate! (only $10 for local qualifiers)
3. Meet casual golfers like yourself who love the game!
4. You can win a trip to Las Vegas to compete for some serious cash!
5. It’s your way to meet and network with more golfers in your area

P.S. I have qualified for the final stage which will be taking place on 2/12/17 in Orlando. Make sure to follow us on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook for updates.

It doesn’t matter what your handicap is or how well you play from tee to green, this is definitely showcasing how you “putt for dough”.

For more information check check out www.msop.com or DM me on Twitter/Instagram with questions.

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