While at the merchandise show we got the NEW Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls to test for you, our readers. We got a chance to play and decided to use them in our round to see how you can benefit from them.

Titleist is claiming that the Pro V1 now goes just as far as the Pro V1x and we can tell you that based on our in round testing they are correct. Both of us used to play the older Pro V1x when we played and this new Pro V1 is just as good as the Pro V1x.

The thing that they did was keep the feel of the Pro V1 and still increase the distance. This makes this ball tough to beat.

The Pro V1x feels much firmer than in years past and didn’t have the feel that the ball used to have. If you like a firmer ball this is the one for you.

The “Dads Say So” that the Pro V1 may be the best all around ball we have tested thus far. If you get a chance to play and don’t mind spending more on your golf ball than most people pay for their round of golf then you need to try out the Pro V1.

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