Last Wednesday TaylorMade makes the big news of the week at the PGA Show landing Tiger to a multi year endorsement deal. Today, the day after his fifth competitive round of the year he WD’s with back spasms. Is this the last time we see Tiger other than joining Jack and Gary hitting the ceremonial tee shot on Thursday at the Masters?

We want Tiger to succeed. Tiger is good for golf. We have all seen that. Tiger doesn’t just move the needle he is the needle. If you love golf you understand that golf needs Tiger as much as he needs it.

Sure many athletes suffer from back spasms. Kobe Bryant had this happen quite frequently at the end of his career. The issue is that he didn’t have 3 major surgeries on his back leading up to this.

In his press conference’s leading up to last week Tiger was asked about taking all of this time off and then playing 4 of the next 5 weeks. Sure he may be sore with the globe trotting travel schedule he had. But this is week two of this.

Was this a simple case of the 77 illness where he didn’t want to miss 2 cuts in a row? We will never know. But for now we sit and wait for answers. Will he play The Genesis? Honda? Bay Hill? Or dare we speculate about that place at the end of Magnolia Lane?

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