So on Wednesday at the PGA Show we visited the booth. While we were there we talked with them about the 5 footer. It is a device that allow you to visualize hitting a 5 foot putt and practice just about anywhere.

The device is an elongated U that is 5 feet long. The middle is the width of a golf hole. We have rolled ours out on an indoor putting green and can putt down it to the hole on the green.

The one thing that we have seen is that it does need are incremental measurements so that you are not guessing where your putting from. I have taken my tape measure out and put permanent marker lines on ours so that I know right where the treacherous 3 foot mark is to practice with. We have given this feedback to Golf Training Aids as well so they can improve an already amazing product.

As far as the “Dads Say So” we highly recommend the 5 Footer to use in your house or on the putting green as it will help you build confidence in being aggressive with longer putts knowing that you have practiced the shorter ones and know you are going to make the short ones. It also rolls up and you can take it anywhere!

Shop for it now at you will not be disappointed!

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