Hello World (ok we know Tiger already used that but it seemed to fit here). Matt and Steve would like to welcome you to TheGolfingDads.com, your site for real reviews of courses, equipment, accessories, and anything else golf related. We are here to help anyone and everyone with their golf game to enjoy playing golf when they get the chance to play.

Matt and Steve are both former professional golfers who know what it takes to compete but have both started families and as a result have lost the time to play and practice as they once had and their games have fallen off slightly.

We are here to share the game we love so much and document it through our eyes as the spokes person for each and every one of our readers and look forward to feedback from you to give you what you want to see reviewed.

We have gotten a chance to go to the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show and have many products to review and post and in the coming days we will get that posted for you to read.

We will continue to document our lives through our camera and phone lenses so be sure to check us out and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter before during and after our rounds as well.

Matt and Steve

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